For the past two years talented people from all over West Michigan have joined together at Give Camp GR to spend one weekend helping non-profits with their most pressing technical needs. In 2011, 43 nonprofits applied and 13 projects were selected. This year organizers Jonathan Tower and Ross Hunter have selected 18 organizations to receive approximately $465,000 worth of donated professional services.

There’s only one problem.

For as much success as GiveCamp has had in Grand Rapids and despite the high attendance from developers of all sorts there has always been scarcity of one resource at GiveCamp—designers. As of this writing GiveCamp GR has received 97 volunteer applications but unfortunately the number of designers remains few.

Designers can give too.

Will you join us in making a difference at GiveCamp? It’s a great place to experiment, learn, network, and do something good together. Signup today!

GiveCamp GR
Oct 26 – 28, 2012
The Factory