Boon Sheridan We are excited to announce that Boston’s own Boon Sheridan will be joining us on Tuesday, October 9th at 5:30pm to speak. Boon loves solv­ing prob­lems, taking things apart and putting them back together better than they were before. He founded Coincidental Arts in 2011 after fif­teen years in, on and around the web and the com­pa­nies who use it. He believes solu­tions never belong to just one person or dis­ci­pline. And he claims to have died a hun­dred deaths as a voice-over actor for Japanese ani­ma­tion.

But never mind his experience and incredible insight—I ask you, who wouldn’t want to come hear the cuddliest-looking UX designer in the industry?

We’re meeting at 5:30pm on October 9th at The Understanding Group.

401 Hall Street SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Suite 231