Russ Unger Get a behind the scenes look at the design process used by four different UX designers, all working to solve the exact same problem with the exact same set of requirements. We’ll identify the right way—for you—to wireframe.

This highly energetic session will provide an in-depth behind the scenes look at the process behind the design, including: research, IA/interaction design, wireframing/prototyping and visual design. The presentation will conclude with a time-lapse video of the entire process from start to finish and a comparative view of the similarities in the processes that each designer uses.

Russ Unger is Senior UX Leader at GE Capital, the author of “A Project Guide to UX Design” (Peachpit Press) and is co-author with Dan Willis and Brad Nunnally of “Designing the Conversation” due out in early 2013 as well as a book on guerrilla research methods with Todd Zaki Warfel. Russ is also on the Advisory Board for the Department of Web Design and Development at Harrington College of Design.

Check out Russ’ blog UserGlue, read his book, or browse some of his previous presentations. Then make sure you come out on January 8th.

The Details

We’re meeting at 5:30pm on January 8th at Mutually Human.

401 Hall Street SW Suite 430
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Suite 430