Kris McNeil On Thursday the 14th of March we will welcome Kris McNeil an information architect at one of the nations preeminent information architecture firms, The Understanding Group. Kris has been using his experience in visual communications, content strategy, search visibility and social media to help build businesses and organizations for the past 15 years.

He will be speaking on Content Maps a deliverable developed at The Understanding Group to depict how customers will use a website and interact with various types of content. Content Maps provide strategic and structural recommendations around content to help ensure you’re building the most effective site for your users. Using this tool your team will have a better understanding of all the design and production considerations that lead to great websites.

In his talk Kris will walk through a typical project timeline, showing how Information Architects at his firm uncover critical information that informs strategic and structural design decisions. He will use a variety of examples to help illustrate how Content Maps have been used with different clients.

You wont want to miss this informative talk.

The Details

We’re meeting at 5:30pm on March 14th at Mutually Human.

401 Hall Street SW Suite 430
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Suite 430