The rise of digital technology inspired a new generation of designers and thinkers to begin reimagining what it means to create in a more highly connected and information-rich world. As new interactive mediums were born and have matured three schools of thought emerged:

One school of thought uses information objects and relationships between those objects to define the ways in which those objects will interact. The school of Information Architecture uses walls and windows of information to carve out space in the shape of a user’s intentions and eventual movements.

Another school of thought used the interactions between information objects to define their relationships to one another and the systemic-whole. The school of Interaction Design is biased toward movement, action, and improving problematical situations.

Much later a third school of thought emerged. It proposed that interactions between information objects and the relationships they reveal serve a greater purpose in the “user’s experience”. This User Experience school saw both the walls and the systems as a means to an end.

On March 20th, IxDA Grand Rapids will be hosting a conversation on the future of Information Architecture and Interaction Design. Should they fold under the banner of User Experience as Jesse James Garrett argued in his closing plenary at the 2010 IA Summit? Or should IA be reborn as a “New Information Architecture” as Christina Wodtke argues in her recent post? What does the future of Interaction Design look like, and what does it have to do with IA?

We will discuss these questions and more in a spirited conversation between Dan Klyn, an outgoing board member of the Information Architecture Institute, and Matt Nish-Lapidus Vice President of the IxDA.

We will be live-streaming this conversation on the web and taking questions by Twitter for a moderated Q&A at the end of the evening. So mark your calendars whether you can be in Grand Rapids or will be joining us remotely.

The Details

We’re meeting at 5:30pm EST on March 20th at Mutually Human.
Live Stream Details to Be Posted Soon

Please RSVP — this will be a very popular event and we have limited space.

More About The Speakers


Matt Nish-Lapidus

Matt Nish-Lapidus holds a degree in new media art, and has a rich background as a practicing musician and designer. His work has included everything from the digital library catalog in use by the New York Public Library, enterprise software for hospitals, video games, and large-scale public installations. He spent the first few years of his career assisting international new media artists such as Stelarc, David Rokeby, and Haruki Nishijima, while developing his own art and design practice.

Matt loves to debate about art, politics, music, and just about anything else. He currently leads a design team at Normative in Toronto, Canada where he focuses on design practice development in a 21st century studio and is also the Vice President of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA).


Dan Klyn

Dan started working as an information architect in 1997, and has become highly skilled through fourteen years of practice in agency, e-commerce and non-profit contexts. An engaging and passionate advocate for the craft, Dan balances IA practice with teaching graduate students information architecture at the School of Information at the University of Michigan.

Before co-founding TUG, Dan developed information architecture, e-commerce strategy and design for brands such as American Girl, Harley-Davidson, Brookstone, NOOMA and TJ Maxx and manufacturers including Herman Miller, Seagate and Lumber Liquidators.