Tomorrow night: The Futures We Want  Who decides our future? Get your free ticket today.

We are in the midst of fundamental systemic changes to our society, culture, and civilization. The signals are all around us: Data, sensors, networks, robots, and ubiquitous connectivity.

These changes present designers with new opportunities, risks and dangers.

In this session, Kaleem Khan encourages us to question our fundamental approach to our work. We will examine moving beyond methods, function and form to the ideas, values and ethics that underpin what we design.

We face a choice: Will the future happen to us or will we create the futures we want?

About Kaleem

Kaleem Khan is a founding partner of strategy and design consultancy True Insight in Toronto, Canada.  Kaleem helps global companies, agencies, startups and governments create great experiences and solve complex problems.  Over two decades he has helped leaders in consumer electronics, mobile, Internet, media, software, healthcare, finance, telecom and security. He advises OCAD University sLab and the M.Design program.   Kaleem regularly speaks at international conferences about design, strategy, ethics and UX.
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