Mind the Forest: Design for Interactive Environments

This Thursday night(8/28). Sign-up to attend http://t.co/t5zsB4aaCz

With the internet of things, we’re no longer designing experiences tethered to a screen, we’re designing for people interacting with …well, everyday objects. These objects live in environments, and those environments can—for better or worse—greatly influence how people use them.

Stepping back from our focus on an internet of objects, how can we design the physical spaces around these interactions to facilitate great experiences? What lessons can we learn from public spaces like museums, zoos, gardens, theme parks, art installations, and retail stores?

In this talk we’ll explore the research, tradecraft, and best practices behind visitor experiences to provide practical takeaways for designing interactive environments.

Jason Alderman is an experience designer / jack-of-all-trades at Cloud Chamber.

As a software design lead, he’s worked on everything from tiny educational games for preschoolers to massive enterprise applications for healthcare and real estate, native desktop software to nimble mobile apps. He’s recently left the world of consultancies to go solo, and is breaking into museum exhibit design while doing work in science communication design and content strategy for biotech companies.

Outside of work, he’s sketchnoting conference talks, and nerrrrding out at length about museums, comics and visual language, bread-baking, and the internet of things. (This talk springs from a surplus of research for his insane, hand-drawn 2014 IA Summit poster on What will Information Architecture be in an Internet of Things?)